Accordion Strap

So I was playing a gig with How Short last weekend and at the beginning of the second set, my right shoulder strap completely broke off. The strap itself was fine, but the screws that hold the strap in straight up tore out of the wood. I tried screwing the tiny screws back in, but they weren’t holding, so I ended up playing out the rest of the gig with a broken right shoulder strap. For all you non-accordionist readers out there (like all of you, probably) the right shoulder strap is what provides tension for me to pull the bellows, so playing without it was rather difficult. I figured out that I could sit on the strap to provide at least a little bit of tension, but it was still pretty tiring.

I look like I’m really into what I’m playing, but I’m really just trying to maintain tension while pulling on the bellows.

So the gig finished at 2pm and I had a party and jam to play that night, as well as a gig the next day. Luckily, Petosa (the world’s most awesome accordion shop) was open until 3. I hightailed it over there and they replaced the screws with much beefier ones. Subsequent jams and gigs went off without a hitch.


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