Ubuntu, Chinese input, and window focus

I’ve been using scim as an input method in Ubuntu for years and had never found a reason to switch. Lately, though, I’ve been having an issue where I’ll be typing and the text box I’m typing in suddenly loses focus. The only way to remedy it at this point is to Alt+tab in and out of the window, at which point the text box regains focus and I can continue typing (until the next time it suddenly loses focus).

At first I thought this was an Ubuntu window manager issue. I half-heartedly searched around, but didn’t find a response. Since it was an intermittent issue that didn’t crop up all that often I just trained myself to alt+tab in and out fast whenever it happened (bad habit, I know). Finally, today, I came across this link claiming that scim was the culprit.

I poked around and there seems to be a general internet consensus that everyone’s switching to “ibus” as the recommended input method framework. I switched: im-switch -s ibus, installed all the necessary input method tables, and the problem has not come up again.


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