Sunglasses is a Google Chrome extension I wrote that tints all the webpages in your browser window.  It bothered me that webpages with white backgrounds were too bright as compared to the darker terminal windows that I was coding in.  Turning down the brightness on my screen would render my terminal too dark, but turning up the brightness would make viewing webpages with a lot of white hurt my eyes.

Sunglasses puts a small sunglasses icon (designed by Caleb Hou) just to the right of the location bar.  Clicking it pops up a slider that you can set what darkness you want your webpages.  Saving sets the darkness for all tabs in a window.  You might have to restart your browser for all changes to take effect, but installing the extension doesn’t force you to.

Click here to go the chrome web store link, and here to view the source.  Enjoy!


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