There comes a time at which one uses a computer keyboard enough that all other keyboards become foreign. I got a new keyboard at work last week and now typing on my own machine feels really weird. I’m pretty sure I’m typing at sub-60 wpm because my fingers got retrained for my new work keyboard. What I really need to do is to get a wireless USB keyboard that I bring back and forth between work and home so that I don’t run into this problem anymore. It’s pretty irritating. I wonder if it’s a result of me using my home computer less in the past couple weeks? Muscle memory is apparently somewhat fickle and retrainable.


One thought on “Keyboards

  1. What keyboard are you using at work?

    Buy an identical keyboard for use at home. Yep, added expense for you but it beats carrying a keyboard on the bus. Of course, that may mean you must buy a work keyboard when you change gigs.

    I’ve been using variants of the Microsoft Natural keyboard on PCs and Macs for years. The slight differences in key orientation and attitude make a difference in ease of use. Having an inflamed carpal tunnel in the right hand led me to the switch. I can still use a flat QWERTY keyboard, but it feels better when I’m back to the raised and off-center keys of the natural keyboard.

    One other thing: check the height of the keyboard. Tops of the keys should just touch your fingers if you have your arms at 90 degrees. I’ve used a keyboard tray that allowed the keyboard to lay a little below that 90 degree line, with the back part of the keyboard slightly lower than the front. -Very- comfortable. Seems a little odd at first, but the wrists are no longer bent with the hands higher than the wrists. Having the wrists in a neutral position really reduces long term fatigue.

    One can live with a flat keyboard. Having the keyboard higher than your elbows will take it’s toll however.

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