New hardware

Whoa, two weeks went by and I haven’t posted again.

The Macbook I bought when I started college has served me well.  Apple replaced the original one when it died about two years after I bought it, but the replacement machine had essentially the same specs as the one I got.  Anyway, hard drive space and the amount of memory the laptop had was becoming a problem because I couldn’t easily run a Java IDE, a web browser, Android device emulator and other dev tools simultaneously.  I was originally considering getting a new laptop in order to make development easier, but on the recommendation of a friend, I bought a new hard drive and more RAM instead.  I also went and bought Snow Leopard.

After the new hardware arrived, I installed the new OS and started copying things over (with a SATA hard drive enclosure I bought a couple months ago.)  With the extra RAM and clean install, everything feels new!  I’m glad I did this instead of buying an entirely new machine.


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