Seven Languages in Seven Weeks

Saw this on Amazon and was immediately attracted to it.  The author claims to provide a crash course on seven different programming languages, each with very different programming paradigms: OOP, functional, prototyping, etc.  The languages are:

  1. Ruby
  2. Io
  3. Prolog
  4. Scala
  5. Erlang
  6. Clojure
  7. Haskell

I’m part-way through Ruby now, and it’s proving to be pretty interesting.  It seems like it has a lot of the quick slice-and-dice functionality of Python with different shortcuts here and there.  Code blocks are interesting.  I’m really weirded out by methods with ! and ? in them though; it reminds me of Perl.  However, I do like how it’s easy to do things in place with “!”.

I might jump around to different languages when I finish Ruby.  Also, considering I’m done with two out of five chapters on Ruby in only a couple hours, I bet I can finish the book in a month.


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