Economics and football

I read this on the Freakonomics blog, talking about whether or not innovation is stifled or stimulated by the presence of competition.  They show contrast the industries that follow the two different schools of thought: music, film, and software industries who use copyright and patents to limit copying and the sports industry, where coaches copy strategies from each other, acting and reacting to new plays on the field.  Is it possible for the industries that limit competition to innovate if rampant copying were legal?  Or is there something inherent in the industry that makes copyrights and patents essential?


One thought on “Economics and football

  1. this might be a bit off target, but yesterday I was at a seminar where the speaker spoke on how innovation and entrepreneurship were kind of going on a limbo here in the US because a lot of our newest technologies are just updated versions of previous products. But likewise, many people come out of working long-term under large corporations to create a businesses which utilizes the skills, or the ‘patented’ innovations, to create a new innovation. The copyrights and patents protect the integrity of US products because they serve symbolically almost as the standard for high-end products. If rampant copying were legal, as it kind of is in China, although there is much learning that can be derived from it, but that might actually stifle the creation process of innovation, as we can see that China still has few brand name products that they market worldwide (although I cannot be sure if my example is a good one since government control most likely has a greater affect on said issue).

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